Sykophunk Soundtracks: multi-genre mood music

outside-the-box production for placement in other media

Welcome to the official site of the Sykophunk Productions soundtrack/licensing music library!

Horror atmospheres, epic backdrops, emotional moods, ambient textures, banging beats, chill out vibes... outside-of-the-box production audio available for affordable licensed use in film/TV, video games, or any type of creative project.

Our credits include song placement with The Colbert Report, the multimedia project Abandoned, providing the score & sound design for the upcoming video game Precipice, and composing & song production for the upcoming animated film The Hairy Claw of Grafton Moore.


We specialize in music and audio for dark and horror-related projects, epic/fantasy, emotional or the weird and twisted, but we are versatile enough to cover an array of genres and moods. Sample our diversity by clicking the genre tabs above. Just about every track on this site is available for licensing. We own 100% of our masters and copyrights, offering a one-stop, no-hassle and inexpensive licensing experience for our clients. Get a quote today or simply contact us with info about your project, budget and audio needs. We're also available for custom soundtracks, sound design and audio editing work.

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